If you are in need of a portfolio website to a full online shop, I can help set it up for you.

I photograph local events, family and pet portraits and sell some of my locally taken photos.

I have been a video producer now for over 25 years and can provide you with a portfolio video on DVD or ready for social media.

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I love

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Hello and thank you for visiting my website.

My name is Phil and I’m a professional videographer, based in Somerset, but working in London, Manchester, Newcastle; in fact all over the UK and even the occasional trip to Spain.

I started a video production company with my father in 1992 and have produced videos which have been featured on BBC and ITV. I have had several local exhibitions and had my work shown in some local publications.   

A life in Movies

My dad had a cinema in the garage when I was growing up, we would watch all kinds of movies, from Star Wars to The Sound of Music.

We bought and sold 8mm movies all over the world and had the third largest company in the UK supplying film.

In 1992, we set up a video production company, transferring cine film to VHS video in a bedroom at home. We could transfer all formats of cine film, Standard 8, Super 8, 9.5 and 16mm.

One day, we had a customer come in with footage of the building of the Tamar Bridge, from the first supports going in the river to the Queen Mother cutting the ribbon and opening the bridge in 1962. When dad and myself transferred it, we knew it had potential, so we decided to make documentary, with dad doing the writing and narration and me working behind the camera and editing.

In all, we made over 28 documentaries, all with exclusive archive footage, with modern day scenes filmed, edited and directed by dad and myself. Aarchive Films is still running today, and I still transfer cine film to DVD now, but my main focus is photography.

Trailer for Joint Project
Joint Project - Bridging the Tamar
Plymouth's Rise from the Ashes

Video Production

With over 25 years experience of video production, from documentaries to music videos, I can help.

Website Creation

From a simple portfolio to a full working online shop, I can make you or your business shine and stand out online.

From my many years experience, I can help you pose, relax and enjoy a video shoot with me. I love to work with everyone and always make it fun…when you are ready to start the ball rolling on a shoot, please visit my Contact Me page and we can have a friend chat, with no pressure about working with me.

I hope to get to work with you soon!

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