And the winner is…

OK, so it’s not a huge things, but I have received an online award this morning for one of my photos. I wish I could share it, but it’s on my professional portfolio, which has my real details on and, like most of the girls I work with, anonymity is paramount.
It’s always nice to receive recognition for your work, especially from others in the industry. I put a lot into my work, as I say in my bio, it’s more of a passion than a job. I work hard to get the best images I can…so having a photo win an award, is something I’m proud of.
I’ve had a great shoot this week, with a great couple, both a male and female escort. The shoot was great fun and they are both happy with the images we got. We’re having another shoot in a week or so. Here’s a behind the scenes shot at work.

Behind the scenes of a photo shoot.
Behind the scenes of a photo shoot.

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