Portfolio Videos

Having been in video production for over 25 years, I have worked in most mediums, from weddings, to events, to music videos, to portfolios and everything in between. 

DVDs can be produced and duplicated, including boxes with designed labels. 

They can also include copyright free music to be able to post on social media. 

Prices start from just £199

Event Filming

I am happy to come to your home or maybe a favorite location and take a set of photos of you and your little (or larger) loved one. 

Having worked with a few pets now, I know how to get them to stay still, even for just a few seconds to get the best photo of them. 

Please note : I do not film weddings, please do not ask. If you are in Plymouth, I can suggest Roger Underwood for wedding videos. 

This is a short promo video I shot recently at ACEArts Gallery in Somerton. 

Prices start from just £299

Imagine Learn & Create

I have been working with ILC for about 10 years now and recently was asked to make a promotional video for them, showing what they have to offer as a day service. 

ILC Promo Video

Aarchive Film Productions

Dad and myself started making video productions in about 1992. Below is a trailer from one of the videos we made about the history of Plymouth. The narration is by dad.  

Rise from the Ashes