About me

From humble beginnings

My dad, circa 1980, with some Super 8mm cine film

It’s all my dad’s fault!

One of my first memories was watching Star Wars with my dad, in a home cinema (a converted garage), which had 8 cinema seats, a projection room, and curtains that would open and close. 

I would spend hours with him, watching everything from Alien to Zulu. We would watch them, discuss them, see how they were directed, written, and acted. 

Dad was a projectionist in a local cinema growing up, and in later life, sold Super 8mm movies all over the world. This was all before the days of VHS videos. 

Working with cine film

When I left school, dad had the idea about putting cine film on to video for people, so we played around and found a system that worked and was able to transfer old home movies on to video, then DVD, and now digital. 

I still have the company and I still put cine film on to digital for people. I still splice, edit, clean, and repair home movies today, but I don’t see as much of it. 

With the old cine footage we found, dad and I ended up making a series of DVD documentaries about the history of Plymouth and local railways, which still sell today. 

I now write and edit for the Last Movie Outpost. 

Me, at about 17, with a 16mm cine reel

Movie 'super geek'

In 2021, I was working from home and I was watching a lot of movies, in fact, when I got to about March, I had seen well over 300. This got me thinking, ‘Could I watch over 1,000 movies in a year?’. 

Turns out, I could and I did, 1,028 in total. 

I caught up on some movies I have never seen, re-watched some old favorites, and generally spent my time geeking out. 

At the same time, again, around March, I reached out to the Last Movie Outpost, about helping out with articles and videos. They let me join and I have been creating content for them ever since. 

Below are some of the videos I have made for the LMO, I get to pretty much make whatever I like, as long as it’s movie related. 

Please head to the Last Movie Outpost YouTube channel and subscribe, since we upload content as often as we can. 

I would say check out my How To Make A Movie Series of Instructional Films, which I’m very proud of. 

Video editor and creator

I’ve been editing and creating videos since about 1995. Back then, it was all on VHS video, two machines, linked into one and pressing the pauses button at the right time. 

Now, I use Davinci Resolve to script, edit and create videos for the Last Movie Outpost and edit videos for customers. 

The process is pretty much the same as with the videos, but it is now a lot easier and you can add more effects. 

Recently, at the LMO, we have been doing a retrospective of the year 1982, one of the best years for movie releases ever, with titles like E.T., The Thing, Star Trek II, Tron, and many more, coming out and leaving a huge impact on movies in general. 

This is a video I made about John Carpenter’s The Thing.