Interview with Cortney Palm

We love movies here at the Last Movie Outpost. We love the stars in them as well, especially stars who are willing to give their time to talk to the likes of us. With that, we love Cortney Palm, because she is one of those stars.

She was polite enough to give us an interview back in March, to talk about her new movie due out Beyond Paranormal. Well, the movie is now out and streaming on Amazon and she was kind enough to chat with us again.

I asked her for a video chat, completely expecting her to say no, but she said yes. Initially, we got the dates all wrong but this weekend we managed to catch up and speak.

Here is the interview. We talk about her, some of the biography details from IMDb, Beyond Paranormal, and then I fire a quick 20 questions at her which she actually seemed to enjoy.

When the interview was over, she was kind enough to carry on chatting, so I’ve added that as an extra bit which I didn’t really edit all that well, but it was nice to just chat with her.

She was genuinely the nicest person you could speak to. Very down-to-earth, very well-spoken, and friendly with it. No diva, she was just nice.

You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Beyond Paranormal is streaming on Amazon. I have seen it twice now, once because Cortney was in it and a second time before the interview. It’s an interesting movie with a complex story, sometimes I thought it was a bit too clever for its own good.

However, as Cortney said in the interview, it’s supposed to be more fun than a straight horror. This does change the dynamic of it and I think I will watch it again and probably get more out of it.


Cortney says it’s worth watching just for her skimpy outfits, and this I do agree with!

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