ANDOR Episode 7: A Review

So, I reviewed the first few episodes of Andor and I wasn’t impressed. I felt like it didn’t feel like Star Wars, the ‘slow boil’ didn’t have a theme going anywhere, and it was just boring. Since then, Matt and Stark have been reviewing it and saying how good it was…I guess they got their payments from Disney.

It’s now episode 7 and I have to admit, the last two episodes have been good.

*spoilers about episode 7 ahead*

So, the heist has gone well and Andor now has his money and is now on the run from the Empire. He heads home and tries and convince his foster mother to come with him and find somewhere to hide. She refuses, giving him a speech about standing up to the empire and being part of the rebellion.

In the meantime, Syril Karn is watching Star Wars News and hears about the heist and still thinks it was something to do with Andor and feels responsible. In the Empire, the heist has caused them to strike harder on sympathetic systems.

This causes Mon Mothma to panic a little and knows that Luthen Rael had something to do with it. She then tries to convince a guy to join her cause. It also turns out that one of the crew from the heist has now been given the order to track down and kill Andor.

Back to Syril who is now getting a job in data processing. In the meantime, Dedra Metro is having a board meeting about the heist and she is accused of underhanded techniques.

While Andor is back on his home planet, he meets up with his hot friend she wants nothing to do with him anymore, blaming him for all the Storm Troopers running around. Shame, coz she is cute.

Andor ends up on Niamos and is with another hot chick in what seems to be Miami of Star Wars. He ends up arrested and sentenced to 6 years in jail.

*end of spoilers*

My Take on Episode 7

So, that’s a summary of the episode, which, overall, was very good. However, this is the 7th episode and it only just feels like the story is kicking in and it only now starting to feel like Star Wars.

I have said this before, the first 4 episodes could have been missed, and had the story started with Andor meeting Luthen and it would have still made sense and cut out a lot of useless filler.

Because I don’t think this series kicked off until episode 5 ish, I was already bored and had no interest in the characters. In this synopsis of this episode, I don’t really know what’s going on with Mon Mothma, since I just don’t care.

I don’t care about Andor or Luthen tbh. Andor has had a very mild character arc, but it’s very slow and I am hoping it will pick up. Syril is making me laugh since he’s now just in data processing and that’s pretty much it.

Also, it seemed like the Empire was after Andor and he was a big deal. He gets arrested on Niamos and the Empire doesn’t have some kind of facial recognition and knows who Andor is? They have the money for about a million people in data processing, but they can’t afford the software to recognize a known and wanted criminal?

Speaking of the Empire, the scenes in the boardroom are just getting boring, lines like:

Superisor Blevin obviously finds my conduct a more interesting subject than the advancement of Integrated Imperial Security.

Forget her conduct, tell us more about the “advancement of Integrated Imperial Security” that’s what Star Wars is all about!!!


I’m still finding Andor boring, the story is starting to build, but there are ways to do a slow boil and ways to do them, but this is a bad example of how to do it. You have to have a central story that is engaging from the outset and Andor still doesn’t seem to have it.

12 episodes is crazy tbh, I guess they thought the Stans of Star Wars will be subbing for the next 3 months, so the money is still coming in, but I am waiting for the 2-hour movie version by the guy that did the movie version of Obi-Wan, which was infinity better than the TV series.

What I did like about episode 7 was the new take on the Star Wars music, it was spot on.

Anyways, that’s my take, what did you guys think about it? Well, every one by Stark and Matt, since they are shills!

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