R L Stine’s Goosebumps and Fear Street books have been very popular all over the world, so much so there was a TV series in the 90s and two more recent movies in 2015 and then 2018.

Fear Street

It now looks like Disney+ wants to make a new series based on the books. Stine was recently asked about the new TV show and seemed happy it was being made because:

“…it’ll keep the book series going! I’m not really in the loop on the TV show, but my understanding is that it’s not going to be an anthology series, it’s going to be a continuing story. But honestly, I haven’t heard any more about it than that.”

Then he was asked if there will be more Goosebumps movies and rumors of more Fear Street movies, he replied,

“There’s still talk about more Goosebumps movies, and I also hear rumors about more Fear Street movies for Netflix, because the first ones did so well last summer. Those films kind of shocked me, because they were all R-rated, and I’ve never done anything R-rated! All those teenagers were getting slashed. I was like, “Suddenly, I have a slasher movie!”

I didn’t rate that series, if you see my reviews of them, they were overly gory but written for people who thought Twilight was a masterpiece. They were kind of fun, but the overall writing was terrible in places with massive plot holes along the way.

Fear Street

However, there is an army of fans who love Fear Street and will probably wet themselves at the news there might be more of them on the way.

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