THE ORVILLE: Season Review

We haven’t spoken all that much about The Orville and I’m pretty annoyed at that. I had to sit, watch, and review Obi-Wan, which was weak at best, but we haven’t talked about what an amazing series The Orville has been.

I’m going to try not to spoil things for this season, in case you are catching up, but honestly, I thought some of the episodes were epic. Now, I know that’s a word that’s thrown around a lot, but honestly, some of it was.

If you have been with the Orville since season 1, you will know it started out more light-hearted, but then season two settled more and got more serious and ended pretty spectacularly with the battle against the Kaylon.

The Orville Season 3

I don’t know what the budget was on the series, but overall, it was worth every penny, the sets look amazing, the ship battles were intense and all of it was very well produced.

This season has had some humorous moments, but again, some truly epic ones too. Some of the episodes did go back and explore things that have happened in the previous series, so, if you are planning to watch the third series, some of it might not make sense.

Episodes that really stood out to me were:

E3: Mortality Paradox

Where they discover a 20th High School in the middle of an uninhabited planet. They get trapped inside and are attacked by a giant alien. That was only the first 10 minutes, since the episode got better as it when on.

E4: Gently Falling Rain

Now, this episode split Yoda and myself, but there is a moment in here where my jaw hit the floor! It was sooooooo good. We will be talking about it in more depth soon.

E6: Twice in a Lifetime

This was so clever. Gordon, one of the helmsman, ends up back on earth in the 21st century and the crew goes to save him, only to find he’s married with a kid.

E9: Domino

This was honestly epic! Things all kick off between some of the warring factions of the Union and it was honestly some of the best sci-fi TV I have seen since Luke turned up in Mando 2.

I thought the Orville would just be ‘Family Guy in space’, and, some episodes did have funny moments, but overall, McFarlane has just made his own Star Trek, which is more Star Trek than Star Trek.


It is a weird thing to say, but honestly, if you love sci-fi, you will love this. It’s so well done.

Yoda and myself will be talking about this season of the Orville on Sunday, to make a video about the entire series, so you can look forward to that, in the meantime, if you did watch it, what did you think? Was it great? Was it terrible?

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