A Tribute to Nichelle Nichols

It was sad that we had to report that Nichelle Nichols passed away recently. Obviously, she was best known for playing Lt. Uhura in the original Star Trek series and movies.

She was such a humble lady, who was a trailblazer with her feature role in Star Trek. This was a role she nearly quit, until Martin Luther King himself told her she could never quit the series as she was setting such an amazing example.

Obviously, our resident Star Trek fan, Drunken Yoda, wanted to talk about her. Matt couldn’t make it, so he sat down with me to just talk about Nichols, her career, and the legacy she left.

There was so much more to Nichols than Uhura. From some exploitation movies in the 1970s to a NASA ambassador for women and people of colour to reach out, literally, to the stars.

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