Interview with Annie Hardy

We’ve been talking up Dashcam for the past few months now. We were lucky enough to get a screener and we loved it. Shawn loved it so much, he had it as his Number 1 movie of 2021. I didn’t rate it that high, but I did love it as a well-made “found footage” horror.

It is directed by Host (2020) breakthrough director, Rob Savage and written by Jed Shephard and Gemma Hurley. It stars Annie Hardy, who pretty much plays herself.

She runs Band Car, The Internet’s #1 Live Improvised Music Show Broadcast From A Movie Vehicle. She does this live on her YouTube channel, which we’ll link below.

Annie comes to England and basically, she has the scariest night of her life! Here is Shawn and NGL talking about the movie as an introduction.

Shawn knew Annie, was a big fan and was able to set up an interview with her. We had a few misses at first, but then we were able to get in touch and get it done. Here is the interview.

She was so interesting to talk to, and really fun. She heads a band called Giant Drag and, again, we will provide the links below. She mentioned that she has performed a lot in the UK.

Read Shawn’s review of Dashcam and then go and see it in the cinema, because it’s scary, it’s fun, it’s well made, and it’s a breath of fresh air for modern horror.

In Band Car, Annie does an improvised rap about random words sent in by followers. It was only after the interview that I said to Shawn that I should have asked Annie to do a quick rap about us, but I totally forgot. Shawn’s response:

“I hate you for not thinking of that until now. I will never forgive you for that!”

Thanks Shawn! My bad. Here are links to Annie’s social media.

Apart from that, go and see Dashcam from 3rd June in cinemas, because it’s great.

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