Mark Kermode Gives Away Ending

At the Last Movie Outpost usually use the tag *spoiler* when talking about a new movie since we don’t want people to have it ruined. It’s a nice thing to do so that we can all enjoy the movie, without a twist ending being given away.

Film ‘critic’ Mark Kermode isn’t as nice as that though. Here he is introducing Ringu (1998) on Film 4. We’re hoping you know what the end of the movie is by now, but if you don’t, Kermode spoils the movie at 2:51.

When Ringu first came out, I had been meaning to watch it and missed it on Film 4, but a friend lent me the VHS tape. All I knew about the movie was, “that if you watch a video, you die seven days later” that was it, I knew nothing else.

My friend told me, that he had recorded it off Film 4 but to not watch the introduction by Kermode. So, one evening, the wife was in bed, I put my headphones on, all the lights out, and watched Ringu, and, honestly, it really did scare me!

It is a very creepy movie and it’s incredibly well made. When what happened at the end happened, I was genuinely squirming on my sofa, it was brilliantly done.

Imagine going into a movie like this, for the first time and having a movie ‘expert’ introduce it by telling you about the creepy ending.

I can’t imagine Kermode will be happy about the video being up since I had mentioned it once before on Twitter and he blocked me. I think as many people as possible should share this video, to show what kind of movie ‘critic’ Kermode is.

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