Love, Death & Robots has been a sleeper hit for Netflix. It’s basically a collection of short stories, mostly animated, by different directors and they had free range to make whatever they liked.

It turned out pretty well, the episodes were hit and miss, but overall, some of them were really well done. Season 3 of Love, Death & Robots came out this year, and many people thought it was the best season yet.

Netflix has just announced that season 4 will be on the way.

The series so far has had some impressive talent, Tim Miller, David Fincher, Jennifer Yun Nelson serving as producers, and actors like Joel McHale, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Topher Grace, John DiMaggio, and Chris Parnell contributing.

Each story had its own storyline but had to revolve around the theme of love, death, and robots. As I said, some of the episodes were amazing, not just in the story, but in the execution as well. Some animation was done in a simple style, but with deep levels, only about 10 minutes each.

You probably know about it, but here is the trailer for season 3.

Personally, I cannot wait for season 4 of Love, Death & Robots, it’s just a pity they were so short.

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