BATGIRL Dead But Not Forgotten

We all know that Batgirl has been shelved and will probably never see the light of day unless, of course, this entire thing was a massive marketing ploy by Warner Brothers. Let’s face it, in this day and age, I wouldn’t put it past them.

Batgirl just won’t go away though, since it was shelved for being so bad, people like me now really want to see it. Corridor Digital has given us a taste of what Batgirl could have been, with a ‘leaked’ trailer.

On the one hand, interesting, but on the other hand, it does look bloody awful. Batgirl live streaming to her fans, we have to get Gotham City into the 21st Century.

I did like the meta at the end of the trailer though, the real villains in this movie are the suits at Warner Brothers, they can do damage on a scale only dreamt of by the Joker.

It turns out that even the directors, Bilall Fallah and Adil El Arbi, couldn’t even get their hands on any of the footage of the movie. WB had blocked them from the server is was being held on, explaining:

“Adil called and told me, ‘Go ahead! Shoot everything on your phone!’ I went on the server… Everything was gone. We were [like]… ‘F**ing shit!’… We did not [even] keep [the scenes] with Batman in it.“

Pretty brutal right? The same can be said for Brendan Fraser who is making a bit of a comeback at the moment. He was supposed to be in the Batgirl movie and then was as disappointed as everyone else:

“It’s disappointing. The fans really wanted to see this film made. Leslie Grace is a dynamo. The movie was shot and conceived for a smaller screen. In this age that we’ve come out of now between streaming service versus theatrical release, it wound up being the canary in the coal mine.”

Fraser was playing Ted Carson, a disgruntled veteran who becomes the pyromaniac Firefly. The good news is, that we can see Fraser in Darren Aronofsky’s The Whale, produced by A24, which is out soon.

Who knows if anyone will ever see Batgirl, but I really want to!

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