The Worst Movie of 2022 is…

Voting is now closed for the Worst of 2022 and the results are in and have been variefied, as in, I checked them twice. So, the Top Ten Worst Movies of 2022 are:

10thDon’t Worry Darling (15 votes)

Olivia Wilde’s first time as director of a big-budget movie and it was all about how ciss males like Jordan Peterson, were trying to control women. This was basically a remake of The Stepford Wives, but Wilde made it political, hence why it was your number 10.

9thNope (19 votes)

Jordan Peele’s sci-fi mystery was OK, but failed a little at the end. So it was all a Nope from you lot.

8thMorbius (21 votes)

This movie was so bad, they released it twice. Morbius, should have been higher up the list really, it failed on almost every level, apart from the meme’s. IT’S MORBIN TIME!

Where’s your face mask mate?

7thHalloween Ends (22 votes)

We all hope and pray Halloween Ends with this one. The 2018 reboot did OK, but then they got worse as it went on. The best part was the training montage between Michael Myers and his new apprentice.

6thLightyear (26 votes)

This was the movie that Andy would never have seen in 1994 and made him want to buy a Buzz Lightyear toy and none of the other characters. A huge flop of a movie.

5thJurassic World Dominion (28 votes)

Hopefully the last of this trilogy, it had a story all over the place, Chris Pratt calming every dinosaur with a wave of his hand, and a ‘plump’ Dallas Bryce Howard.

4thThor: Love and Thunder (37 votes)

The movie that even Thor himself spoke out about and didn’t like. It wasn’t more of Thor movie, but more of a Taika Waititi Look-at-me movie. Too many jokes and just seeing Thor relegated to a comic sidekick.

3rdBros (37 votes)

I’m calling you all out on this since none of you watched it. I’m pretty sure Billy Eichner and the rest of the cast were the only people to watch it. Most people aren’t into romantic comedies but put gay in the mix and it just makes it less watchable.

Oh, and according to the director, you’re all homophobic, so shame on you.

2ndBlack Panther: Wakanda Forever (39 votes)

Chadwick Boseman must be turning in his grave. The original Black Panther was OK, but this one just didn’t work, you have Panther turned into a woman (obviously), a new Iron-man who’s now a woman (obviously), and a nation that didn’t show any diversity.

This movie was more about the message than telling a story.

1stThe Woman King (42 votes)

This must be some kind of mistake, a movie retelling the good side of a bunch of slavers, who treated women like third-class citizens, and showed pretty much all white people are evil, got 1st place! Well, I’m shocked.

Well, not that shocked, this movie was again nothing but preaching about how great women are, how evil men are, how great black people are, and how evil white people are. On top of that, you had the cast calling everyone racist if they didn’t see it and didn’t like it.

So there we have it, the worst movies of 2022, which didn’t even include Moonfall, The Bubble or Bodies Bodies Bodies. What a funny year, well, things can only get better in 2023, right?

We will be doing a Best of 2022 soon, so watch this space.

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