Adam Driver is 65

At first, that sounds boring and not true, since Driver is obviously middle-aged. The 65 in the title of his new movie, refers to 65 million years ago.

Let’s see, you have dinosaurs and big guns, well that’s me happy. The official story is:

“An astronaut crash lands on a mysterious planet only to discover he’s not alone.”

That’s pretty much what the trailer tells us, but it does look like fun, at the very least it’s an original IP for a change. The tagline of the movie is:

“65 million years ago, prehistoric Earth had a visitor.”

So I’m guessing it wasn’t a giant meteor that destroyed all the dinosaurs, it was Driver with a gun. Explain that, archaeology!

65 is produced by Sam Raimi and written and directed by Bryan Woods and Scott Beck, best known for penning A Quiet Place. They have both directed, but nothing major, just some shorts and TV movies. 65 will be their first big-budget movie.


Alongside Driver is Ariana Greenbelt and Chloe Coleman, and that’s all the cast at the moment, which could make it interesting, just three people against T-Rex and the Dino Crew.

This movie has kind of popped up out of nowhere, but that’s a good thing. 65 is due out on 10th March 2023.


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