We spoke about Indiana Jones 5 the other day, and on the Livestream, but things have moved along a bit from there. If you haven’t been keeping up, here is what’s been going on. As usual, there are a lot of unsubstantiated rumors from the internet flying around, so it is only fair we start with one of these.


What Is Happening to Indiana Jones 5?

Way back in June 2021, internet movie commentator and well-known tipster Doomcock hinted that Kathleen Kennedy was going to do to Indiana Jones what she did to Luke Skywalker. Basically, she was going to kill him off and replace him with a woman, Phoebe Waller-Bridge. Some people believed it at the time, but it was still just at the stage of internet rumours. Since then, Doomcock added to his information, saying that:

  • There was going to be time travel
  • Indy had finished filming
  • They had filmed several endings
  • Test screenings had terrible scores
  • Waller-Bridge was going to replace Indy

As time went on, Doomcock, and sources that had claimed to have been working on the movie, had some rumors seemingly confirmed.

The Director Comes Out Swinging

Move on to this week and Doomcock was again at the centre of things. He was named directly by Indiana Jones 5 director, James Mangold.


This tweet has now been deleted, but Mangold himself stated that:

“No one will ever replace Indiana Jones. Not in any script. Not in any cut. Never discussed.”

Seems pretty definite. A major director working for Disney telling us that Indiana Jones would never be replaced. The good thing is, Hollywood directors never lie to us…

…oh, wait, JJ Abrams told us that Benedict Cumberbatch was not Khan, and Kevin “Crymore” Smith told us that He-Man wouldn’t be a sidekick in his own show. It now seems that the Daily Mail has confirmed that Waller-Bridge was going to take over from Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones 5.

The article said:

“The British actress and writer will be introduced as Helena, Jones’s adventure-seeking goddaughter, in the upcoming fifth film in the series which is set for release next summer.

But now sources in Hollywood say Ms Waller-Bridge, 37, may take over the lead role from 80-year-old Ford after film-makers shot a series of possible endings. In one version, Ford’s character dies after passing on his famous bullwhip and weathered fedora to Helena.”

So, was Doomcock right all along? If so, did Disney then hold off the movie to try and save face? Did Doomcock just save Indiana Jones?


If this all proves true, and that is a big “if”, there are only a couple of possible outcomes to this whole thing.

  1. The movie does have Waller-Bridge take over as Indy

If this is true, it will prove everyone at Disney to be liars, it will bomb and Kennedy will have to survive yet another high-profile failure.

  1. The movie is taking so long as they are trying to reshoot an ending, where Indy isn’t replaced

Again, if this is true, Indiana Jones 5 might be saved, Kennedy will still have another failure under her belt from the production, but the movie might actually be good. Either way, will Kennedy survive such a high-profile mess up yet again? Or would she be let go from Lucasfilm/Disney?

Kathleen Kennedy

On the one hand, no one wants to see Indy reduced to the likes of Luke Skywalker and most of the Marvel male characters, including now Black Panther.

On the other hand, if it means the end of Kennedy, will it be worth it? It’s a horrible thought either way. Do we just hope Doomcock is right, and that he’s man aged to change the course of the movie due to test screening and online reaction? Could it be both good AND the end of Kennedy?

I know I just living in hope, but it might just be a small chance. If only it had ended here.


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