PEARL Gets A Trailer

Back in April Shawn Bird did a review of Ti West’s X, the new horror from A24. Well, it seems that this was the first of many movies from A24. The next one from West is a prequel to X, called Pearl.

Now, this seems weird to me. Pearl is the very old horny lady from X. She and her husband still enjoy the horizontal tango at the age of 100 and something. This movie shows what made Pearl the creepy old lady she was.

I’m kind of on board with that idea. I agree with what Shawn said in his review, that two very slow-moving 100-year-olds aren’t very scary. This is why X was dull for me too. However, I don’t get the casting.

Mia Goth was in X. That was set in 1979 and used the trope about a bunch of teenagers in a remote location being killed off, a trope that has been done a thousand times. X didn’t add anything new to it, apart from creepy old people sex.

Pearl is set in 1918 when Pearl was a younger lady, who is again played by Mia Goth. Maybe they shot the movies back to back? Or there is going to be some big twist ending that her casting again may give away?


I know I rave about A24 as making the most varied and innovative movies out there today, but I’m dubious about this one, mostly because I fear West isn’t the director he thinks he is.

On the plus side, Pearl has been rated R for “some strong violence, gore, strong sexual content and graphic nudity”, so I will give it a try at least. Pearl is out on 16th September.

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